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Landmark Roofing and Siding is your premier Woodinville, roofing contractor. At Landmark Roofing and Siding, we understand that a roofing job for your Woodinville home is a significant project, a sound roof also protects your family and belongings. New roofing can help prepare a Woodinville home for resale and provides peace of mind during rainy nights.

Our Woodinville Fan Club.

We’ve reached a milestone. More than 50% of our roofing projects now come from referrals. This client referral means our customers are so pleased with Landmark Roofing that they enthusiastically recommend us to their friends, family, and neighbors. In fact, when we completed a cedar roof in one affluent Woodinville neighborhood we knew the homeowners were delighted, but we weren’t quite prepared for what happened next. They recommended us to their neighbors. Then another neighbor. Then another. When all was said and done, we had installed roofs on 12 homes in the same neighborhood! A lot of how we judge our success is by the comments we receive from our clients, and with enthusiasm like this, we must be doing something right.

Woodinville, we’ve got you covered.

Your roof is the first layer of defense against the elements. The weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest present unique challenges to Pacific Northwest homeowners. Significant rainfall, windstorms and tree debris all accelerate the aging of your roof. Sometimes when there is a problem, it’s obvious— visible leaks, missing shingles or tree damage. Other times the damage is less noticeable. Even a small leak from torn flashing can cause expensive damage when left unrepaired.

Landmark Roofing and Siding features better roofing products from some of the most respected names and warranties, in the business. Also, our installation crews have received specialized training from CertainTeed and Elk Roofing resulting in the best possible installation on the best possible roofing products for your Woodinville home.

Landmark specializes in residential roofs.

Since we are a family-owned and operated roofing company—as well as homeowners ourselves— we’re uniquely suited for your home project. Landmark Roofing and Siding has repaired and replaced many roofs in the Woodinville area. We specialize in residential homes, and when you work with a residential roofing specialist, you get the personalized attention, expert service, and attention to detail only found with an owner-operated roofing company.

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