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When investing in a new roof, chances are you’ll have questions. Here are the most frequently asked. If your questions are not addressed here, just send us an email or pick up the phone. We’ll be glad to share our decade worth of roofing knowledge and make sure you have all the answers you need.

What type of roof should I put on my house?

Most roofing products today offer far superior performance and reliability than those of just a few decades ago. Factors such as your home’s structure and local neighborhood covenants may limit your choices in type and color of roofing. There are many choices when it comes to materials including composition, wood shake, metal, slate and tile — all with their own pros and cons. Many of the final decisions will be dictated by your personal style and budget.

What color should I choose?

If not dictated by local covenants, the color options are all yours! Most homeowners prefer to use a traditional and a relatively “neutral” pallet of grays and charcoals for composition roofing. These colors have stood the test of time and fashion and remain perennial favorites. Cedar shakes change color over the years, weather naturally dark brown, then a desirable aged silver with sun exposure.

Should I replace my gutters now?

If your gutters need replacing you may find it most practical to do it at the same time as your roof. Gutters, flashing, and roofs all work in tandem to provide effective protection from the elements. If you aren’t sure whether your gutters need replacement, repair, or just a good cleaning, we’ll let you know. Landmark Roofing can help you with all your gutter needs along with your new roofing installation.

When should I replace my roof?

Sometimes it is evident when a roof needs to be replaced or repaired — buckling, missing shingles, and tree damage are all signs things are not as they should be. Other times, it is less obvious — torn or missing flashing, smaller leaks, and other hidden problems may still cause costly water damage. The best way to find if your roof is in need of replacing is with our free inspection. If your roof is in good working order, we’ll tell you so. If not, we’ll provide a detailed estimate in writing for repair or replacement.

Should I have a skylight?

Skylights were once known as expensive, leak-prone extravagances. Modern skylights are entirely different, featuring energy-efficient glass, opening vent options, and insect screens. If you are installing a new roof, there is never a less expensive — or better time to consider adding a skylight (or two) to your home. The natural light that skylights provide can transform an interior space into much more cheerful and welcoming rooms. We’ve never met a client who opted for skylights and wasn’t ecstatic about the difference a little extra sunlight made in their everyday environment.

How do I properly maintain my roof?

Have a professional ensure that no debris is building up on your roof. Never allow anything to accumulate on the roof such as leaves, pine needles, cedar seeds, tree branches or other debris. Regardless of the material on your roof, it should be inspected on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to check the attic and look for concealed leaks, water stains or water-damaged insulation.

Which roofing material is better: composition or wood shake?

Composition shingles are an excellent choice for a clean look at an affordable price. Wood shakes offer a natural look with a lot of character and may provide some energy benefits, too: they help insulate the attic while allowing the house to breathe. A shake roof, however, is more expensive and requires proper maintenance and repair, or it will not last as long as other products. It usually ends up that the “right” roofing material is simply the one you prefer.