Cedar Shake Roofing

Natural Wood, Natural Beauty, Natural Strength

The abundance of local natural cedar has made wooden roofs a very popular choice in the Pacific Northwest for decades. Today cedar is considered a premium roofing product, featured on many of the area’s finer homes. Cedar is available in a rough-cut “shake” or more uniform saw-cut “shingles.” Due to variations in color, width, thickness, or cut of wood, no two shake roofs will ever look the same. Cedar may require higher installation and maintenance costs, but many find the beauty of this natural product well worth the expense.

CCA Pressure-Treated Heavy Cedar Shakes

Their smooth sawn back and rustic handsplit face make these shakes the most popular cedar roofing product. Heavy Shakes are classified by their 3/4″ buttend thickness and are typically available in lengths of 18 and 24 inches.

CCA Pressure-Treated Tapersawn Cedar Shakes

Milled smooth on both sides, tapersawn shakes offer the durability of a regular cedar shake along with the smooth appearance of a shingle. Standard (5/8-inch) and Heavy (3/4-inch) tapersawn shakes are also available in 18- and 24-inch lengths.

Pressure-Treated Medium Cedar Shakes

Medium cedar shakes are cut the same as the heavy shakes described above and also come in lengths of 18 and 24 inches. However, medium Shakes are 1/2-inch thick.

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