Composition Roofing

High Performance at an Affordable Price

Composition shingles deliver high performance at a reasonable price. Top quality shingles made from asphalt or fiberglass are very durable and can contain recycled content. Premium shingles, sometimes referred to as Presidential, offer a thicker profile designed to add dimension and detail to your roof.

Composition shingles offer many benefits:

  1. Large selection of styles and colors
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Can be walked on without damage to the material
  4. Class-A Fire Protection — the highest rated residential roofing
  5. Wind rated up to 120 mph

Architectural Composition Shingles

Includes: Landmark Plus, Landmark, XT 3D, Premier 40

Architectural shingles give a roof a distinctive, dimensional look without requiring extra reinforcement of the roof. They are popular choice for their high quality, visual appeal and ease of installation. The heaviest architectural shingles are rated to withstand winds of up to 120 mph, heavy hail and other impact.

Premium Heavy Weight Composition Shingles

Includes: Presidential TL, Presidential, Landmark TL

Triple Laminate (TL) and other premium heavy weight composition roofing looks great and performs among the best. Made with the industry’s most durable materials, these products create a thick and multi-dimensional style with a range of colors to complement any décor.

Luxury Composition Shingles

Includes: Centennial Slate, Grand Manor, Carriage House

Luxury Shingles combine thickness, strength and sculpted detail to provide the look of premium slate and cedar roofs at a much lower cost than the real thing. With Class A fire resistance and a 110 mph wind rating, these shingles deliver beauty that lasts.

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