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Alternatives to traditional steep-slope roofing

The visionary glimpse of what EcoStar is today began in the early 1970s with the development of the formulation for Starloy (Staroba Alloy). This base formula of recycled rubber and plastic is the foundation for the injection-molded roofing tiles that have become the leader in the synthetic roofing industry today.

EcoStar’s extensive product offering provides numerous alternatives to traditional steep-slope roofing products, offering an eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing solution for virtually any steep-slope application.

EcoStar: Cost Effective and Eco-friendly


EcoStar Roofing Options

EcoStar’s extensive product offering provides numerous alternatives to traditional steep-slope roofing products, offering an eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing solution for virtually any steep-slope application. Choose from Majestic Slate, Seneca Slate, Empire Slate, or Empire Shake. At Landmark Roofing & Siding, we offer you options that work best your home.

Majestic Slate – Natural Beauty, Enhanced Strength & Durability

Majestic Slate tiles offer the natural beauty of slate while providing enhanced strength and durability. Featuring a 50-year Gold Star or Limited Materials Warranty and available with a 100 mph wind warranty, Majestic Slate tiles provide enhanced resistance to harsh weather conditions, including wind, driving rain and hail. Manufactured from 80% post-industrial recycled rubber and plastic, Majestic Slate tiles offer an environmentally friendly, lightweight alternative to traditional slate roofing products.

Seneca Slate – Appearance of Natural Cedar, Superior Performance

Seneca Shake offers the appearance of natural cedar shake while providing superior performance, protection and durability. Manufactured from recycled rubber and plastic, Seneca Shake tiles offer a highly durable, long-lasting alternative to traditional cedar shake roofing tiles. Like all EcoStar products, Seneca Shake offers Class 4 impact resistance and are available with a 50-year warranty and a 100 mph wind warranty. Unlike traditional wood shake, Seneca Shake tiles offering unique architectural opportunities for virtually any roofing system and are manufactured in a 6″, 9″ and 12″ width in various thicknesses.

Empire Slate – Premium Steep Slope Roof Tiles, Eco-Friendly

The newest member of the EcoStar family of premium steep slope roof tiles is the Empire Slate line of products. The second generation of sustainable roofing offers all the features and benefits of the Majestic line, and more.

As an environmentally conscious company, EcoStar felt that providing roofing systems made from recycled products was not enough. We needed to address the issues of Global Warming and Energy Conservation. To this end, EcoStar has developed a new formulation for roof tiles to achieve both high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) performance and low emissivity. In the warmer climates, both homes and commercial buildings are subject to thermal gain in daylight hours. The SRI of the Empire Slate tiles helps reduce this gain by reflecting the sun’s heat energy back into space, as opposed to being absorbed by the building envelope. The low emissivity rating works in the opposite way, allowing buildings to retain their heat energy in the night time hours and reducing the Urban Heat Island effect. In short, EcoStar is offering a sustainable, durable product with recycled content that can contribute to an energy efficient building envelope.

Empire Shake – Appearance of Natural Wood Shake, Hassle-Free

Natural wood shakes hold a prominent position in the roofing market with their aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately that aesthetic appeal is accompanied by significant challenges due to poor long-term performance, high maintenance, short life cycle and tendency to rot. Empire Shake™ and Empire Shake Plus™ roofing tiles from EcoStar LLC provide eco-friendly, and hassle-free, synthetic alternatives to wood shake roofing. Empire Shake and Empire Shake Plus combine the classic architectural detail of natural wood with the modern performance, long life cycle and energy efficiency found with synthetic tiles.

EcoStar has been the leading manufacturer of premium synthetic steep-slope roofing tiles since 1993 using innovative plastics technology to improve durability, safety, and rot resistance for the roofing industry. Empire Shake and Empire Shake Plus come in a wide range of colors, two thicknesses, and three widths. All of these elements can be used to create a truly unique home or facility.

Enhance your investment with the value of Empire Shake and Empire Shake Plus tiles available in standard and cool colors, or ask about creating your custom color.

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