Commercial Roofing

Roofing options have expanded dramatically in recent years. With so many new materials and styles on the market, how do you decide? We suggest starting with a company that has been installing residential roofs in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. Our experienced professionals can explain your options and recommend a solution that’s perfect for your home.

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Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

How to tell if you need a roof replacement


  • Step back and look at your whole roof for missing shingles, large areas of discoloration, curled edges on shingles, or excessive moth growth.
  • Venture into the attic and, with the lights off, look for light around chimney flashings. If lights can get in, so can water.
  • Visually check to make sure there are no large leaks or over-flowing areas in the gutters. Overflows indicate you may have a clogged downspout.

After Severe Storms

  • Check for missing shingles or shakes. If you find loose shingles, have this repair made as soon as possible.
  • Clean all debris from your roof and downspouts.
  • After heavy rain, visually check your attic for standing water, moisture puddles, or water stains on wood. This may be a sign water is sneaking in.

Our Process

Roof installation in 3 easy steps.


How We Begin

Our process begins with a thorough roof inspection by one of our roofing experts. Their findings result in a proposal and estimate detailing your needs, budget, and potential charges. Our customer service team works with you to address questions, concerns, and scheduling. Financing options are available.


The Installation

We start with a pre-installation site assessment. We then protect landscaping and structures, remove all old roofing and underlayment, and repair any under-roof structural damage. Next, we install breathable underlayment, ice and water shield underlayment where needed, and high-quality roofing. We finish by adding accessories (pipe flashings, vents), necessary flashings, and proper venting.


Before We Leave

Our team leaves your property better than they found it. Our final touches include cleaning up any job-related debris and blowing roofs, gutters, downspouts, and driveways, touching up paint where needed (siding, trim, gutters, etc.) and sweeping your yard for nails. The project supervisor and team lead inspect the site before inviting you to view our work.


Need your roof checked? We'll inspect it for free.

The best way to evaluate your roof is to have an expert look at it. We offer a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate service to help you determine your roofing needs.