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The following are frequently asked questions. If your questions are not addressed here, just send us an email, text, or call us at 855 908-7663.  We can schedule a meeting with one of consultants to answer any additional questions. 

What type of roof should I put on my house?

If your HOA doesn’t have a roofing standard, then your choice might be dictated by your home structure.  For instance, if you have a flat roof, Dura-Last, would be an excellent choice.  If you have a traditional pitched or sloped roof, you have many options from composition shingles, DaVinci roofscapes, wood shake or metal.  Please check out our portfolio tab and click on a pin on the map to see homes with these various roofing styles. 

What color should I choose?

While roofing manufacturers provide different colors to choose from, the most popular composition shingle color is Moire Black.  Please go to the portfolio tab and click on a pin to see various roofing colors.  Or, you can click on the “View Services” on the sidebar to choose pins for a particular roofing color.

James Hardie offers an array of home siding colors.  Popular colors are Monterey Beige, Evening Blue or Mountain Sage.  With the wide offering of siding colors, it might be helpful to have a siding consultant bring samples for you to view.

Should I replace my gutters now?

If your gutters need replacing you may find it most practical to do it at the same time as your roof. Gutters, flashing, and roofs all work in tandem to provide effective protection from the elements. If you aren’t sure whether your gutters need replacement, repair, or just a good cleaning, we’ll let you know. Landmark Roofing and Siding can help you with all your gutter needs along with your new roofing installation.

When should I replace my roof?

Generally, most composition roofs have a 20-year life.  If you are having leaks and it is approaching 20 years or past 20 years, it might most cost effective to replace your roof, rather than just repair it.  Our ethical roofing consultants can let you know if it’s better to repair your roof or replace it.

Should I have a skylight?

It used to be said, “If you cut a hole in the roof, you can expect it to leak”. Modern skylights are entirely different, featuring energy-efficient, leak resistant glass, opening vent options, and insect screens. If you are installing a new roof, there is has never a less expensive — or better time to consider adding a skylight (or two) to your home.

The natural light that skylights provide can transform an interior space into much more cheerful and welcoming rooms. We’ve never met a client who opted for skylights and wasn’t ecstatic about the difference a little extra sunlight made in their everyday environment.

Which roofing material is better: composition or wood shake?

DaVinci roofscapes are a beautiful and environmentally friendly option to a wood shake roof.  They are made from a composite material, modeling the look of cedar shake or slate.  DaVinci roofscapes are fire resistant, require very little maintenance and are less expensive than a cedar shake roof.  

Cedar Shake roofs help insulate the attic while allowing the house to breathe and go from a lovely honey tone to silver as they age.  A Landmark Roofing and Siding roofing consultant can give you more information to help you choose which option is right for you.


EcoStar is a beautiful roofing material that is created with 80% recycled post-industrial rubber and plastic.  This redirects millions of pounds of scrap rubber and plastic from landfills.  It also follows quality management standards set by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization)  The ISO is a global agency working toward a net-zero carbon emissions world.


Surprisingly, metal roofs are lightweight and quiet.