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    Thu Feb 23

    What are you looking for when it comes to your roof? Do you want the nice charm of a traditional cedar shake? Why not the beautiful simplicity of an asphalt shingle? How about the bold design of a clay tile or a natural slate?

    Whatever the style, color or finish, there’s a metal roof that’s a perfect match. Today, metal roofs have the same look of traditional roofing materials, but with stronger, more durable material. This means there’s a perfect roof style that fits what you’re looking for.

    Metal Shingle/Slate Roofing

    For a classic appearance. Metal shingles have the iconic appearance of smooth, uniform slate tiles, while also having great performance and great value.

    Metal Tile Roofing

    Compared to typical tile roofs, this is a great deal. Regular tile roofs are heavy, but still fragile. They’re also expensive to maintain. But metal tiles feature classic tile’s great curves, while light to carry. However, they still have the great strength and durability of steel. They’re also at a more modest price compared to regular tiles.

    Metal Shake Roofing

    The perfect alternative to the more traditional wood shake. It still looks like wood, but it has many color options and the benefits of metal, meaning a longer lifespan and more durability.

    Vertical Panels Roofing

    Clean lines and a traditional style. These vertical panels bring a more modern take to a classic roof. Being sleek and practical, as well as moderately-priced, these panels are pre-painted with a wide variety of color choices.

    Metal Roofing Materials

    Residential metal roofing comes in many coatings, paint options and materials. Steel and aluminum are the most common materials. Copper and stainless, among other high-end materials, can also be quality options. Most metal roofing is created from recycled and new material. Said material can be endlessly recycled. This means metal as a roofing material is environmentally sustainable.

    Steel Roofing

    The most common metal roofing material for a good reason. Its strength is high, its weight is light, and its durability is great. It’s also one of the more affordable materials. All our steel roofing has a metallic coating, placed on it to prevent rust.

    Aluminum Roofing

    Aluminum roofing has two great benefits from steel. It’s a lighter material, and it has better corrosion resistance. Aluminum is the best for more marine or coastal homes.

    Copper and Zinc Roofing

    Also called Natural Metal. Copper and zinc have incredible beauty and high corrosion resistance. Natural metal creates a protective layer that looks stunning. It’s perfect for both urban districts and historic settings.

    Metal Roofing Coatings

    Metallic Coatings

    All steel roofing has a metallic coating placed upon it to prevent rust. Coatings are available in many grades, although we at MRA recommend a minimum of G-90 (90 ounces of zinc per 100 sq. feet of paneling) when it comes to galvanized steel and a minimum of AZ50 for Galvalume steel. These coatings increase both rust protection and longevity.

    Roofing Paint

    Most residential metal roofing uses a protective paint coating on the aluminum or metallic-coated steel’s outside. There are several color choices and many of these options also help save energy.

    Roofing Types

    There are three basic types of metal roofing, dependent on the construction and attachment method, and all with their own advantages and appearances. When you’re deciding on the metal roof you like, you first must decide the type. The type of metal roof you choose will give you many style options. Then talk about the type you want and the style you prefer with a qualified metal roof contractor. That way, your home will have the best metal roof.

    Vertical Seam Roofing

    There are different types of vertical seam panels. Thru-fastened have long lengths, with ribs running from the roof’s eave all the way to the roof’s ridge. They are tightened with screws with gaskets, penetrating the roof decking substrate. Other panels use concealed fasteners, such as clip fastened or nail hem, to hide the screws from being visible.

    Pre-Formed Panels

    Pre-formed panels are painted interlocking panels. Their dimensions and shapes are pretty standard and they’ve become very popular at residential homes. They’re available in just about every style here. Shingle, shake, vertical seam. They are mainly attached by hidden fasteners directly to the roof deck, maintaining a clean and beautiful-looking roof.

    Granular Coated Panels

    Granular coated panels can be thru-fastened or get attached with hidden fasteners. They’re later coated with acrylic and have embedded stone granules on the surface. They may be installed over a batten/counter batten wood grid system, or into the roof deck.

    Benefits of Metal Roofing

    Metal roofs have become more popular in the United States for many reasons. They save energy, they look stylish and work with almost every style of architecture, and they can last for a whole lifetime. Please look to see how our metal roofs can benefit you.

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