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    Thu Feb 23

    Landmark Roofing & Siding is proud to offer EcoStar products to our clients. EcoStar is the leading manufacturer of sustainable, environmentally friendly steep-slope roofing products. This is a premium steep-slope roofing product that is being offered by a company with a 20-year history in the roofing industry.

    Benefits of EcoStar Products

    Beyond beauty and elegance, EcoStar products offer superior performance and durability. EcoStar products are manufactured with recycled rubber and plastics and are highly flexible, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Providing superior protection against impacts and harsh weather conditions, all EcoStar products offer Class 4 impact resistance and are available with a 50-year Gold Star or limited materials warranty and a 110 mph wind warranty.

    EcoStar Product Options

    Offering synthetic Slate tiles in five profiles and eleven colors and synthetic Shake in six sizes in eleven colors, the possibilities are endless. EcoStar’s Majestic Slate and Seneca Shake lines of products are formulated from up to 80% recycled materials, delivering the peace of mind you require when choosing building materials. EcoStar roof tiles have a life cycle of over 50 years. Standard three tab roof installations would need to be replaced a minimum of three times in this same time period. And the best part, EcoStar products can be recycled at end of life.

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