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Your New Roof is Our Top Priority

Is your roof over 20 years old? Is it starting to get dated and dreary? Or are you experiencing leaks and worried about shingles flying off in the next windstorm? If so, then it’s time to call Landmark Roofing and Siding to replace your roof. Our local roofing company has been in the roofing business for over 15 years and offers various roofing options to meet your needs. Call our team at 855 908-7663 to have one of our roofing consulting experts come and give you a free, no-obligation quote to replace your roof.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

If you are trying to decide if it’s time to replace your roof and get a quote, here are a few signs it might be time.

Repeated Repairs

If you’re calling for continuous repairs, it’s best to apply that money to a new roof, rather than throwing your money away on frequent repairs. Additionally, if you are having to continually repair your roof, it stands to reason, you are dealing with water intrusion. It’s best to stop the persistent water leakage with a new roof, that will prevent ongoing water damage to your home’s infrastructure.


Most shingle roofs generally have a 20-year life span. Over that, the shingles lose their granules and structural integrity, leaving you open to roof leaks and, consequently, dry rot of the sheathing material underneath the shingles.

Algae and Moss Growth

Algae and moss growth is unsightly and weakens your roof shingles.

Roof Replacement Services in Redmond

At Landmark Roofing and Siding, we can replace virtually any type of roof. Rest assured, our roofing experts will guide you through each option, helping you choose the right one for your durability, performance, and aesthetic goals.

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Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular in the Pacific Northwest. This lightweight roofing system is surprisingly quiet and energy efficient. Talk with our roofing consultant about all the benefits of getting a metal roof on your home.

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Composition Roof Replacement

Composition Roofs are one of the most popular choices for roofing among homeowners. They come in many style options from the standard shingle to Presidential to the Victorian look of Carriage House, to energy efficient options like Northgate Climate-Flex or Eco-Star. Talk with our knowledgeable roof consultant about the best choice for your home.

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Cedar Shake Roof Replacement

If you want a traditional roofing look with a unique charm, cedar shake roofs might be your best choice. Starting with a lovely honey color, they fade to a silver grey over time.

DaVinci Roof Replacement

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If you are interested in the look of slate or cedar shake without the aging process that accompanies Cedar Shake roofs, a DaVinci roofscape might be in your future. DaVinci roofs are gorgeous. They resemble cedar shake or slate yet are lighter and require less maintenance. In addition, they will last for years without any discoloration, warping or visible aging.

Why Choose Us for a Roof Replacement?

At Landmark Roofing and Siding, our commitment to quality, safety, trust, and professional service is why we have been trusted by hundreds of homes in the Puget Sound area for the last 15 years. We are proud to be one of Redmonds top roofing contractors and will continue to be dedicated to delivering our customers with quality and excellence for years.

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Personalized Service

With Landmark Roofing and Siding, you can expect our team to thoroughly evaluate the condition of your roof and provide you with a solution tailored to your needs.

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Quality Craftsmanship

While we have been in business 15 years, our roofers and siders have 20+ years’ experience, ensuring quality work is done on your home.

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Prompt Service

From your initial call to getting the repair completed, Landmark Roofing and Siding will schedule the consultation and work quickly.

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Focus on Safety

Landmark Roofing and Siding follows Washington’s L&I guidelines for safety. Including providing a drug free and smoke free work environment.

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Professional Team

Whether you deal with our consultants, office staff, or roofers, our goal is to provide you with a professional experience.

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CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Master

Landmark Roofing and Siding has received the prestigious recognition of being a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster. This is only given to a handful of companies throughout the US and ensures that you are dealing with an honest, ethical and reliable roofing company.

Our Roofing Projects - Quality Work Built To Last

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Our Roof Replacement Process

Replacing your roof can be a daunting project. With Landmark Roofing and Siding, we make it easy with a simple 5-step process from start to finish. Our team works closely with you to ensure that you feel confident every step of the way.


You can call us or visit our website to request your free, no-obligation estimate with one of our skilled roofing professionals.

On-Site Inspection

One of our roofing consultants will come to your home and meet with you to assess your project needs, answer any questions you might have and come up with a game plan for replacing your roof.


Within 3 business days of our consultation, we will provide you with a written estimate and scope of work. If needed, we will work with you to make any adjustments to the proposal to tailor it to your needs. Once you agree to the proposal, we will send you the proposal as a DocuSign.


After you have signed the DocuSign, you will be put in the queue to schedule the work. The scheduling of the work depends on factors such as weather conditions, who is in the cue ahead of you, how long it takes to put the new roof on your home and availability of the roofing material (some materials are readily available, while others need to be ordered to fit your home. Your roofing consultant can give you more information on this.)

Quality Control Check

After your roof is completed, our foreman will inspect it and make sure the work was done right. Then one of our team will meet with you to answer any questions you might have and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the job.

Our Roof Replacement Warranties

Landmark Roofing and Siding offers two warranties to give you peace of mind. The first one is from the manufacturer, which promises that if there is a leak due to the failure of the product, it will be replaced. The second one is a craftsmanship warranty from Landmark Roofing and Siding. This lifetime warranty promises that if there is a leak due to the workmanship, we will fix it at no cost to you. This warranty is also transferable to the next homeowner that buys your home. Making it a selling point when you choose to sell your home.

Roof Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about residential roof replacements in Redmond

If your roof is 20 years or over, you’re dealing with repeated repairs and water intrusion and/or algae/moss growth on your roof, or you just want a better roofing system on your home, call Landmark Roofing and Siding. We will send a roofing expert to help you determine the best course of action for your home.

We offer many CertainTeed composite roofing products, including Presidential, Eco-Star, Northgate Climate Flex and many others, as well metal, DuroLast, cedar shake and DaVinci roofing systems. Give us a call to help you determine what is best for YOU.

We offer two types of warranties to protect your roof and give you peace of mind. One from the manufacturer, protecting against manufacturing defects. And the second is from us. We are so confident in the work our roofers do, that we offer a lifetime craftsmanship warranty.

Schedule Your Roof Replacement in Redmond Today

Don’t push off a necessary roof replacement any longer. Landmark Roofing and Siding has over 15 years of experience replacing roofs in the Greater Redmond area. Call 855 908-7663 today to upgrade your roofing system with the best of the best.