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    Fri Mar 24

    Author: Rener Vieira

    No matter what industry you are in, your roof is an important part of your commercial property. After all, it is what protects your employees, customers, and belongings from the outdoor elements. A damaged roof can lead to business disruptions and closures that may interfere with your bottom line. For this reason, maintaining your commercial roof should be a top priority. The follow are our professional recommendations on how you can keep your commercial roof in optimal shape and ensure it lasts for as long as possible.

    Inspect Your Roof

    It is important to assess your roof on a regular basis. This includes its exterior, interior, and any adjacent walls and ceilings. By doing so, you can detect problems early on and resolve them before they turn into larger, more expensive issues.

    Ideally, you should have your roof inspected on a bi-annual basis by a qualified inspector from a reputable roofing company like Landmark Roofing and Siding. You may also want to have it inspected after a storm. Even if you do not notice any leaks, your roof may have sustained damage that is invisible to the naked eye.

    During a roof inspection, you can expect a roofing contractor to look for structural issues, such as sagging ceilings and damaged or cracked shingles. They will also focus on your ceilings, attics, and walls to look for water stains, wood rot, and mold. If they find any problems, they will recommend the ideal solution, whether it be repairs or replacement.

    Clean Your Roof

    Debris, such as leaves, gravel, and branches, can fall onto your roof and add weight to it. If this happens, your roof may grow mold and mildew and sustain damage. By cleaning your commercial roof on a regular basis and removing any debris, you can avoid debris buildup and ensure that the water drains away from your building properly. A clean roof also allows your roof to reflect rather than absorb sunlight more effectively.

    Prune Trees

    Do you have trees near your roof? If so, it is a good idea to keep them trimmed. Otherwise, overhanging branches may grind against your roof and lead to scrapes or even punctures. You can do this on your own or hire a professional. If you have plans to plant new trees near your commercial property, consult a trees service to determine the ideal location. Remember that planting trees too close to your commercial building can be dangerous.

    Resolve Damage Right Away

    If you are a busy business owner, it can be tempting to put off roof repairs or minor issues. However, doing this, can lead to more serious and expensive issues down the road. Depending on the situation, you may have to replace your roof before you originally planned. As soon as you discover a roof problem, do not hesitate to reach out to our roofing contractors at Landmark Roofing and Siding for a solution. We will arrive at your business promptly and recommend the best course of action.

    Understand Your Warranty

    Not all roofing warranties offer the same level of protection. That is why it is wise to read your warranty contract carefully and understand what is covered. Your warranty should provide guidelines to help you inspect and maintain your commercial roof effectively. Landmark Roofing and Siding is pleased to offer industry-leading warranties that are rarely seen elsewhere.

    If you make the smart decision to become a commercial roofing customer, you’ll receive a double warranty, which includes a manufacturer’s warranty on materials and our written craftsmanship LIFETIME installation warranty. Both warranties will provide total protection for your business and commercial roofing system.

    Install Roof Ventilation

    Vetilating your roof reduces heat buildup, improves airflow, and protects against seasonal weather changes. Simply put, a roof ventilation system can prevent your roof from becoming overheated during the warmer months and reduce the risk of damage from moist, warm air that rises during colder months. The roofers at Landmark Roofing and Siding can evaluate your roof and determine whether ventilation is a worthwhile investment.

    Clean Your Gutters

    Your gutter system is just as important as your roof. Debris build up inside your gutters, may cause leaks, mold, mildew, and other roof-related issues. Cleaning your gutters on your own is time-consuming and dangerous, especially if you have to climb on ladder. That is why you should consider investing in a gutter guard or contacting a professional gutter cleaning company. This simple routine service can provide optimal protection for your commercial roof.

    Look for Faulty Roof Equipment

    If your roof contains broken or malfunctioning equipment, its integrity will be on the line. Every now and then, hire a professional roofing company like Landmark Roofing and Siding to look for damaged sealing, unsealed vents, air conditioner leaks, and other issues that you might not be able to identify on your own. You will need to replace any faulty equipment as soon as possible before it leads to damage.

    Don’t Walk on the Roof

    Walking on your roof can be dangerous and reduce its life expectancy, because , you may dislodge shingles, create gaps, thereby increasing the potential for leaks. If possible, avoid walking on it and invest in removable walk pads. With walk pads, roofers can walk on your roof without damaging it. In the event, you don’t have walk pads and must walk on your roof, wear shoes that offer great traction being sure to remove any debris or leaves that may cause you to slip.

    Closing Thoughts

    Overall, the most important things you can do to extend the life of your commercial roof are preventative maintenance and routine repairs. By performing routine inspections, frequently cleaning, and resolving issues immediately, you can preserve your roofing system’s structural integrity for years to come. Having a roofing contractor that you trust to perform inspections and repairs, as well as to provide expert advice on the condition of your roof is crucial in extending the life of your commercial roofing system.

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