Does a New Roof Increase the Value of a Home? Homebuyer’s Roof Guide

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  • Does a New Roof Increase the Value of a Home? Homebuyer’s Roof Guide

    Tue Apr 4

    Author:Rener Vieira

    Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on its quality and replace it when necessary. Fortunately, a roof replacement can do more than protect your home from environmental elements. Choosing the right type of roof and having it professionally installed, may significantly increase your property value.

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    Potential Value Increase by Roof Type

    How much can a new roof boost your property value? It all depends on the roof you choose, as not all roofs are created equal. Following is an overview of a few roof types and what range of return on investment they provide.

    Asphalt Roof Replacement

    Asphalt composition roofs are a popular option. Not only do they come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures, asphalt roofs are durable, affordable, and a breeze to maintain. The average asphalt roof replacement will increase your home’s value by less than metalCedar Shake, or DaVinci roofs.

    Metal Roof Replacement

    In recent years, metal roofs have become more popular. These roofs are lightweight, yet durable and energy efficient. While they are more expensive than asphalt roofs, they do offer a higher return on your investment. On average, a metal roof will boost your home just about more than any other roof type due to its longevity and high price tag.

    Solar Roof Replacement

    If energy efficiency is your top priority, you can’t go wrong with a solar roof. Solar shingles can lower your energy bills and even help you secure a tax credit. 

    How a New Roof Adds Value to Your Home

    There are many ways a new roof will increase your property value. 

    Improved Appearance

    There is no denying that an old roof can be a real eye sore. If your roof has cracks, leaks, and other imperfections, you, or potential homeuyers, might find your home less attractive. A new roof can easily improve the look and feel of your home. It is a great way to increase your curb appeal and ensure your home stands out in your neighborhood.

    New Technology

    Roofing technology has evolved significantly over the years, offering homeowners greater durability and energy efficiency. If you’re looking for a roof that is more energy efficient, an EcoStar, Composition, or DaVinci roof is likely your best bet. Please ask a roofing professional for guidance on the ideal roof for your home and needs.

    Prevents Home Damage

    When a roof malfunctions, it can cause leaks, mold, and other structural issues to your home. By replacing your roof when necessary, you can avoid these problems altogether. This can save you a great deal of money and headaches down the road.

    Signs You Need a Roof

    There are a few telltale signs that indicate your roof is past its prime and needs to be replaced, including:


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    Your Roof is Old

    While quality roofing systems are long lasting, they don’t last forever. Eventually, your roof will require a replacement. The life expectancy of your roof will depend on its material, how it was installed, and the way you’ve maintained it. If you have asphalt shingles, for example, you may want to replace your roof after 20 to 50 years.

    The lifespan of a metal roof ranges from 40 to 80 years, while copper roofs can last for up to 70 years. If you are unsure of whether you need a roof, a roofing professional, from a reputable company like, Landmark Roofing and Siding can point you in the right direction.

    You Notice Damage

    Even if your roof is fairly new, it’s a good idea to have it inspected every few years to look for damage. If you find buckling or curling singles, warping, thin or cracked spots, or other flaws, it may be time to invest in a new roof. While sometimes one can repair the damage and avoid a replacement, other times, the damage is beyond repair.

    How to Maximize Your Return on Investment on a Roof Replacement

    After you have decided that it makes sense to replace your roof, follow these tips to help maximize its return on investment.

    Hire a Professional

    While you can attempt to replace your roof on your own, doing so can do more harm than good. Replacing a roof correctly takes a great deal of specialized knowledge, experience, and equipment. If you install your roof incorrectly, you can cause significant damage, which can require a more expensive roof replacement in the future. To avoid these issues, hire a seasoned roofing professional from a company like Landmark Roofing and Siding.

    Avoid Layering Shingles

    To install a roof correctly, you must strip your current roof down to its foundation. While it may be tempting to add a new layer of shingles on top of the old ones, this strategy will reduce the lifespan of your new roof as it will trap heat and add unnecessary weight to it. Don’t cut corners when replacing your roof.

    Use Quality Materials

    If you need to replace your roof, you may choose the least expensive roofing material. Even though there is nothing wrong with this, especially if you’re on a tight budget, it will influence how much value the roof adds to your home. A metal roof, for example, will give you a better return on your investment than asphalt shingles. 

    Maintain Your Roof

    Many homeowners replace their roof and forget about it. Once your roof replacement is complete, your work is not done. It’s your responsibility to make sure you inspect and maintain it on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may miss serious issues that decrease, instead of increase your property value.

    In Need of a New Roof?

    Landmark Roofing and Siding is a premiere roofing and siding company in Redmond, Washington. If you believe your roof needs to be replaced, or would like a professional to look at it and make a recommendation, don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer roof repairs and roof replacements, in addition to siding services.

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